About Gorman Houston

Gorman HoustonGorman Houston is a Clinical Professor in Management and Marketing in the Culverhouse College of Commerce at the University of Alabama. He is also the Coordinator of Campus Ministries in the Office of Student Affairs at the University of Alabama. In addition to being a professor, he also has marketing experience through his work in different ministries. He has developed a marketing strategy to create, brand and reposition organizations to better serve and reach their target market. He created Pure and Simple Lifestyle Christianity website, including developing all content, making all layout decisions, establishing the brand, planning and implementing a marketing campaign, and monitoring its on-going effectiveness.

As a professor, he also taught classes that reached nearly 275 students, using a variety of audio-visual aids and class engagement techniques. Through his dedication to teaching, he was able to consistently achieve outstanding evaluations from students both in University-sponsored anonymous reviews and on the Rate-My-Professor independent website for teaching classes which range in size from 50 students to over 250 students. He also taught Kaplan LSAT preparation classes where he received great evaluations from his students as well.

Through Gorman Houstons endeavors being a marketing professor well as the Coordinator of Campus Ministries, he was able to go above and beyond in his personal life of marketing. Besides creating a Christianity website, he has been starting to notice recent trends in marketing and has begun to take a new approach in teaching his students. Rather then the conventional textbook and lecture method, he has started to challenge his students by developing their analytical skills by various marketing scenarios. These new innovative teaching methods are helping the students learn efficiently as well as giving them an enjoyable environment. In turn, aforementioned earlier, these methods have helped him develop his great ratings on Rate-My-Professor ratings. Marketing has always been a passion for Gorman. He studied it as an undergraduate at the University of Virginia and was able to excel in the subject.