How to Know Your Web Copy Needs Updating

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Writing web copy can be difficult regardless of how good your writing skills are. As a marketer, your expertise might not lie in creating energetic copy and as a result, you see little conversions, sales and traffic to your site. As you write and edit your website copy, you could be missing some important steps that will drive your visitors to take action. Below is a list of the most common problems that causes web copy to suck.

1. Not knowing who your reader is.

Your reader, should be your target market and your job is to persuade them to make a purchase or complete an action. To write in a persuasive way, you need to know what your reader wants and values in order for you to speak to that need You shouldn’t write about what you want people to know, write about your audience wants to read.

2. Not using engaging words.

Write using words like “you,” “imagine,” and “because” in order to make them more receptive to your pitch. The word “you,” makes your copy personal, like you are having a conversation with them. “Imagine” helps your reader visualize their experience with your product or service. “Because” gives people an explanation and reason as to why they want or need something and will motivate them to action more.

3. You’re way too self-promotional.
You spend more time talking about yourself, product and company than you do anything else. Unfortunately, everyone is selfish and interested in themselves. In order to capture your audience, you need to share information that will benefit them. Instead of talking about how great your company or product is, make it evident what your visitors are getting.

4. You ignore poetic writing techniques.
Being wordy can be difficult, but being boring is worse. Use techniques like alliteration, rhyme and repetition to make your copy more exciting, memorable and fun to read.

  • Alliteration: Get bang for your buck (Whole Foods Market)
  • Rhyme: The world’s largest — and smartest — collection of apps. (Apple)
  • Repetition: No added sugar. No concentrates. No funny business. (UK smoothie maker, innocent)

5. You aren’t clear.

Your landing pages should be easy to navigate and have clear noticeable calls to action. It should be easy for the visitor to understand what it is that you want them to do and what’s next. Use font sizes, colors and bullets to highlight certain parts of your content and distinguish it from the rest of the body copy.

Writing good copy is not only about avoiding silly mistakes, it is about create copy that captivates and seduces your readers to want to learn more or purchase. Wow your visitors with vivid imagery and encourage your readers to take action.