Offline Marketing for Online Companies

Online marketing has been a hot topic recently.  Astounding numbers of people visit websites and learn most of their information from the web.  Even though this is true, there are still plenty of people who are not staring at a computer screen every hour ofimgres the day.  Even tech companies, like these, have been engaging in offline  branding.



This company has started using billboards to great effect.  MailChimp has begun using their mascot, Frederick von Chimpenheimer, on billboards.  They use photos of his smiling face and very little else.  Though they maintain that they are not trying to overload the public with ads, the curiosity that stems from their vague and cryptic message resonates.



This company exploded out of the Internet and on to the restaurant scene.  Yelp sends out stickers to local businesses.  These stickers, which are plastered on doors and windows raise awareness of the website and can be found almost everywhere.



Uber burst onto the marketing scene with their short-term creative deliveries that have become publicity stunts as well.  Whether delivering Gotham City Police Cars during Comic-Con, or delivering kittens to your doorstep, Uber has become a delivery company whose name is synonymous with convenience, ingenuity, and happiness.



This build-your-own website company has gone old fashioned.  Their off-the-web campaign includes television ads and podcast commercials which are reminiscent of radio campaigns.


All of these companies are filled the some of the most ingenious minds of the computer age, yet still understand the necessity of traditional advertising and have become successful, in part, due to its implementation.