First Impressions

Most businesses have limited resources to spend on marketing.  This means that each message, whether put out on social media, email, or traditional print, in fact, has a tremendous amount of value.  So how does one capitalize on their limited marketing resources?  The answer is that all of these marketing tools should grab your audience’s attention and hold it with a great first impression.


A creative McDonalds marketing ploy

A creative McDonalds marketing ploy

So how do you make that killer first impression?  These four tips from Forbes will help you craft an enticing message specifically for your consumer.

First, research your audience.  In order to know what to pitch, it is imperative to know the preferences and interests of your audience.  Even the best and most interesting email for firemen will probably not be read if your audience is business executives.  Learning who your consumer is will always be of paramount importance to any marketing campaign., as an example, recently started to accept bitcoins for payment since many Los Angelinos prefer paying with bitcoins.

Second, make yourself visible and easy to find.  There are many directories and magazine listings out there and if you are not present, then people will not even know they have you as an option.  Make yourself available, because even if your services are better than the competition, people will not jump through hoops to find you.

Third, make sure you do not blend in with the crowd.  When you promote your products, make sure you do it in an interesting and enticing way.  Use visual tools such as layout and color to create a visually interesting design.  There are many advertising research companies that help retailer organize their store to make the most conducive environment for spending.  They even focus on things like how much longer the average consumers eyes will focus on a red label instead of a blue one.  Make a visually interesting presentation so that the content is not the only attractive factor of your pitch.

Finally, make sure that your content is diversified and frequently released.  If you put out one piece of good content, you cannot rely on it to draw all of the customers you want forever.  In order to increase your presence, you want to make sure that you reach the most prospective consumers possible.  The best way to do this is the regular release of diversified content.  If nobody can find you, your message, no matter its quality, will not be heard.

A good first impression is invaluable, and these four simple pieces of advise will certainly contribute.  You must know your audience, make yourself easy to find, stand out from the crowd, and keep your content relevant.