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Many companies and marketing teams can agree it is very easy to market to the wrong crowd which can completely throw the marketing strategy off. For example, in recent years according to, “Suburban white men consume 80% of hip hop music, even though it’s typically considered a genre aimed at young, urban black Americans. Misconceptions like this aren’t limited to American markets.”

Marketing experts are making the mistakes of targeting different cultures incorrectly. Mangers and experts are focused on attempting to reach the right cultural groups based on their interests, not based on their locations, race, or ethnicity. Basing there strategies on the location, race, and ethnicity is what has gotten so many companies in a hole which is tough to recover from. Experts explain how this phenomenon of wrongful targeting is painful to watch considering the amount of money being allocated to marketing groups whose main goal is to find the target market and appeal to them. They explained, “First, we need to look beyond demographics. Most likely the markets for all products we think of as culturally specific are understated by a significant amount, which should have big implications for resource allocation.”

Even though experts believe targeting cultural groups is not the right and most effective way of marketing it is still the major strategy used by most marketing groups or firms. Experts hope these companies start to target consumers based on what the new popular item or group is. In a way they hope that they start to market the whole population on what the new in item  is instead of targeting one small target based on culture. Trends show that they could eventually move to what experts believe will work best, but until then our best bet is that marketers will continue their current strategies until a new breakthrough way to target consumers is revealed.

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University Of Alabama Ranked #2 School In State

In a recent study done by the state of Alabama and the rest of the country, The University of Alabama have ranked as the #2 state school in the state, right behind their rival Auburn, who ranked #1. Although Auburn ranked about the University of Alabama, The Crimson Tide rolled over Auburn in several categories which landed the respective schools their ranking.

The ratings behind the rankings on admission process, graduation rates, prestigious reputation, affordable tuition, housing costs, diverse student population, diverse faculties, and economically robust communities. According to The University of Alabama ranked very well and “earned high scores in diversity, selectivity, prestige and advancement.”

The University of Alabama came in at number 58 in terms of national ranking, which is quite outstanding considering they are a state school. Many state schools lack the funding to provide an exceptional education, but due to the prestigious reputation the university has, they are able to receive funding from various alumni. The University also has a very popular and prestigious football program, The University Of Alabama Crimson Tide. Over the years, the program has brought in millions of dollars to help fund for better education programs at the university.

Alabama hopes to overtake Auburn in the upcoming years as the top school in the State by improving their off campus housing and costs. They scored fairly low in those categories, but the striving community of Tuscaloosa should help bring up the value and hopefully the schools rating boosting it to the number 1 state school in the nation.

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5 Marketing Tips Companies Must Master

With 2015 here, companies are ramping up their marketing efforts to attract new customers. Companies who cannot learn to adapt to new marketing patterns and trends will be left in the dust. Some simple tips to keep up with marketing in 2015 are as follow:

1. Social Media Marketing

With almost everyone adapting to technology, you can find everyone on social media now a days. From your kids, all the way to your grandparents. Companies have taken notice of this and are taking advantage. To date, there are thousands of social media sites out, most of which offer advertisement space on their site. With more and more companies attempting to buy out this online retail space, it would be beneficial to any company with a heavy into e-commerce. The opportunities are there, waiting for companies to pounce.

2. SEO has changed, so should your business!

Over the past five years, Google has evolved and updated its algorithms to crack down on ‘black hat’ SEO. Google now favors content based websites and advertisements rather than link and word stuffing. Companies need to understand that SEO will always be important based on how important it is to be on Google.

3. E-Mail Marketing

Social media is obviously going to be a major pipeline for marketing for companies in 2015. E-mail marketing goes hand in hand with social media marketing due to the simple fact it requires for one to have an e-mail if they sign up for a social media site. According to Capterra, “When marketed through e-mails, consumers spend 138% more than people who do not receive e-mails.”  These are just companies who send out mass e-mails, the opportunities are endless, you just have to take them!

4. Video Marketing

According to Business Insider, video marketing will be very important this upcoming year. Companies who post videos about products or services are recorded to have a 64% increase in consumers making purchases. Also, information in video is transferred to the brain almost 100,000 times faster than text. Essentially, people rather watch videos, not read the text that goes into them. In December, 2013 alone 52.4 billion videos had been viewed by Americans. The numbers speak for themselves, video marketing is a route all companies should be taking.

5. Go Above and Beyond

It is important to follow these steps since they will be helpful in your marketing strategy for 2015. Without stepping to the plate and keeping up with new trends, it will be tough to stay relevant in this competitive marketplace.


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Cyber Frenzy

After everyone gives their thanks and enjoys a hearty meal with loved ones, comes the true feeding frenzy. Every penny pinchers true holiday, Black Friday.

Every year, there are the customers who start waiting on lines outside major retail stores right after Thanksgiving dinner to try to get the hot deal. Then there are the ones who go shopping ‘casually’ on Friday morning to knit pick at the remaining sales. After all the commotion and dust settles, comes the most popular day for these shoppers. Cyber Monday, the Monday after Thanksgiving weekend, where it is expected to see revenues upwards of $2.6 billion.

Even through the rapid growth of Cyber Monday since 2005, market experts expect this trend of heavy online shopping on Cyber Monday to slowly start to decline. These experts believe this is the trend based on the rapid growth of online shopping on mobile devices. Many of these major retailers are offering deals online on either Thanksgiving Day or Black Friday to keep online revenue high on these major shopping days.

It is rumored that retailers flood inboxes of the customer to shop these two days, and these emails are forwarded to the customers phones which has boosted the sales from mobile sales on Thanksgiving and Black Friday from 20% up to around 30% in the past year alone. Also these retailers are targeting these costumers earlier in the week leading up to Thanksgiving for the sole purpose of gathering data as they all prepare for the December holiday rush.

Even though Cyber Monday will lead, in terms of revenue this Thanksgiving weekend, people are starting to skew away from waiting until Monday since many of the retailers will sell out of all the ‘hot holiday items’. According to Forbes “There’s another big downside to waiting until Cyber Monday to shop: You may not be able to buy what you want at any price. Out-of-stock messages on retail websites are expected to jump fivefold by Cyber Monday as early-bird shoppers get their iPhone 6s, Playstation 4s, Rokus, Call of Duty games, and Frozendolls.” 

Also, according to marketing experts, the biggest deals online do not occur on Cyber Monday, which only yields on average 6% discounts, compared to the Monday prior which on average has 25% in discounts.


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Digital Marketing tips for 2015

Marketing strategies change quite frequently, different tactics come into play which are changing the way the industry is being ran. In the past decade or so digital marketing has skyrocketed in popularity and is changing daily. Expect this trend of change to continue as 2014 comes to an end as we roll into 2015. Here are some tips to best adapt to the changes to be coming in 2015.

Mobile driven marketing

This market has yet to be tapped in terms of digital marketing successfully. With many companies attempting to figure out Googles algorithms, it has been a difficult 2014 for companies to successfully base how to control this digital marketing. Many believe 2015 will be the year where it really starts to boost since Google has started to index their mobile applications with more authority and companies have started to optimize their sites to market to the mobile market. “I predict that B2B marketers will see their audiences cross over to “mobile first” for the first time in 2015 where greater than 50% of their marketing content will be consumed on mobile or tablet device,” claims head of Business to business (B2B) of LinkedIn, Russell Glass.

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Google+ is on its way out (maybe)

With the social media marketing blitz on the rise, sites such as Facebook and Twitter taking over this field, Google+ has a ‘50% chance’ of getting killed according to the founder of Siege Media, Ross Hudgens. So a suggestion to companies is to stay away from marketing on Google+ since it may end up being a waste.

Content is key

Mentioned before, Google is starting to rank content more closely. The more useful content posted, the better Google will rank it in the search results. This tool is borderline search engine optimization (SEO) which helps rank content more preciously based on keywords and marketing terms thrown into the marketing campaign.

Practice the tips above!

This last tip is to combine all three of these into one and try to use these most affectively as possible. These tips are all tips that should be practiced in the upcoming year, but using all of these tips in unison is a great way to really optimize your digital marketing goal and make a splash in 2015.

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First Impressions

Most businesses have limited resources to spend on marketing.  This means that each message, whether put out on social media, email, or traditional print, in fact, has a tremendous amount of value.  So how does one capitalize on their limited marketing resources?  The answer is that all of these marketing tools should grab your audience’s attention and hold it with a great first impression.


A creative McDonalds marketing ploy

A creative McDonalds marketing ploy

So how do you make that killer first impression?  These four tips from Forbes will help you craft an enticing message specifically for your consumer.

First, research your audience.  In order to know what to pitch, it is imperative to know the preferences and interests of your audience.  Even the best and most interesting email for firemen will probably not be read if your audience is business executives.  Learning who your consumer is will always be of paramount importance to any marketing campaign., as an example, recently started to accept bitcoins for payment since many Los Angelinos prefer paying with bitcoins.

Second, make yourself visible and easy to find.  There are many directories and magazine listings out there and if you are not present, then people will not even know they have you as an option.  Make yourself available, because even if your services are better than the competition, people will not jump through hoops to find you.

Third, make sure you do not blend in with the crowd.  When you promote your products, make sure you do it in an interesting and enticing way.  Use visual tools such as layout and color to create a visually interesting design.  There are many advertising research companies that help retailer organize their store to make the most conducive environment for spending.  They even focus on things like how much longer the average consumers eyes will focus on a red label instead of a blue one.  Make a visually interesting presentation so that the content is not the only attractive factor of your pitch.

Finally, make sure that your content is diversified and frequently released.  If you put out one piece of good content, you cannot rely on it to draw all of the customers you want forever.  In order to increase your presence, you want to make sure that you reach the most prospective consumers possible.  The best way to do this is the regular release of diversified content.  If nobody can find you, your message, no matter its quality, will not be heard.

A good first impression is invaluable, and these four simple pieces of advise will certainly contribute.  You must know your audience, make yourself easy to find, stand out from the crowd, and keep your content relevant.

Offline Marketing for Online Companies

Online marketing has been a hot topic recently.  Astounding numbers of people visit websites and learn most of their information from the web.  Even though this is true, there are still plenty of people who are not staring at a computer screen every hour ofimgres the day.  Even tech companies, like these, have been engaging in offline  branding.



This company has started using billboards to great effect.  MailChimp has begun using their mascot, Frederick von Chimpenheimer, on billboards.  They use photos of his smiling face and very little else.  Though they maintain that they are not trying to overload the public with ads, the curiosity that stems from their vague and cryptic message resonates.



This company exploded out of the Internet and on to the restaurant scene.  Yelp sends out stickers to local businesses.  These stickers, which are plastered on doors and windows raise awareness of the website and can be found almost everywhere.



Uber burst onto the marketing scene with their short-term creative deliveries that have become publicity stunts as well.  Whether delivering Gotham City Police Cars during Comic-Con, or delivering kittens to your doorstep, Uber has become a delivery company whose name is synonymous with convenience, ingenuity, and happiness.



This build-your-own website company has gone old fashioned.  Their off-the-web campaign includes television ads and podcast commercials which are reminiscent of radio campaigns.


All of these companies are filled the some of the most ingenious minds of the computer age, yet still understand the necessity of traditional advertising and have become successful, in part, due to its implementation.

University of Alabama ranked among most influential in nation on social media

The University of Alabama and Auburn University were both positioned among the best in the nation regarding the matter of the most captivated college groups by means of online networking, as per another report by College Atlas Encyclopedia of Higher Education.

In the interim, Auburn University positioned among the top schools in the country for online networking impact, the report indicated.

The rankings assess the social networking deliberations and viability of 400 real U.s. schools and colleges utilizing information, for example, the amount of Facebook likes and tweeting recurrence.

“The promptness and compass of today’s computerized and versatile world call for a vigorous methodology as key to engagement inside and past our group,” said Christine Heenan, VP for open undertakings and correspondences at Harvard University, which positioned first on the most persuasive rundown and second on the most captivated rundown.

Provincially, the University of Alabama positioned thirteenth in the country in the matter of social networking engagement, which measures the college’s online networking achievement focused around measurements, for example, Facebook likes and engagement inside pages and posts.

Reddish-brown University positioned 26th in the country regarding social networking engagement.

It likewise positioned 23rd in the country for most powerful social networking, which measures college’s endeavors to sharpen their social networking vicinity to power limited time crusades and increase their messages.

“No establishment, business, or individual looking to advertise their products and/or administrations can bear to be quiet on the systems where billions of clients customarily express their feelings, trade data, compose surveys, and impart their particular lives,” College Atlas said.

How to Know Your Web Copy Needs Updating

Copyblogger scanners

Writing web copy can be difficult regardless of how good your writing skills are. As a marketer, your expertise might not lie in creating energetic copy and as a result, you see little conversions, sales and traffic to your site. As you write and edit your website copy, you could be missing some important steps that will drive your visitors to take action. Below is a list of the most common problems that causes web copy to suck.

1. Not knowing who your reader is.

Your reader, should be your target market and your job is to persuade them to make a purchase or complete an action. To write in a persuasive way, you need to know what your reader wants and values in order for you to speak to that need You shouldn’t write about what you want people to know, write about your audience wants to read.

2. Not using engaging words.

Write using words like “you,” “imagine,” and “because” in order to make them more receptive to your pitch. The word “you,” makes your copy personal, like you are having a conversation with them. “Imagine” helps your reader visualize their experience with your product or service. “Because” gives people an explanation and reason as to why they want or need something and will motivate them to action more.

3. You’re way too self-promotional.
You spend more time talking about yourself, product and company than you do anything else. Unfortunately, everyone is selfish and interested in themselves. In order to capture your audience, you need to share information that will benefit them. Instead of talking about how great your company or product is, make it evident what your visitors are getting.

4. You ignore poetic writing techniques.
Being wordy can be difficult, but being boring is worse. Use techniques like alliteration, rhyme and repetition to make your copy more exciting, memorable and fun to read.

  • Alliteration: Get bang for your buck (Whole Foods Market)
  • Rhyme: The world’s largest — and smartest — collection of apps. (Apple)
  • Repetition: No added sugar. No concentrates. No funny business. (UK smoothie maker, innocent)

5. You aren’t clear.

Your landing pages should be easy to navigate and have clear noticeable calls to action. It should be easy for the visitor to understand what it is that you want them to do and what’s next. Use font sizes, colors and bullets to highlight certain parts of your content and distinguish it from the rest of the body copy.

Writing good copy is not only about avoiding silly mistakes, it is about create copy that captivates and seduces your readers to want to learn more or purchase. Wow your visitors with vivid imagery and encourage your readers to take action.

Real-Time Marketing Wins Super Bowl, Again!

It truly is amazing what one tweet can really do these days. It can ruin your career, engage your fans, or even start a marketing revolution. Around this time last year, the marketing community was in awe over Oreo’s well-timed and perfect tweet, “You Can Still Dunk In The Dark”; a clear response to when the lights went out at the 48th Super Bowl. This was a clear statement against traditional advertising and marketing as while companies spent millions dollars on seconds of airtime hoping for some sort of audience engagement, Oreo spent zero dollars and guaranteed itself not only thousands of responses in just a few moments but also a place in social media history as many consider it to be one of the best tweets of all time.

    Following in the footsteps of Oreo just a short year ago, dozens of companies tried their best on social media to wrestle up some good old fashion audience engagement. Here is a review of some of the best tweets and real-time marketing from this year’s Super Bowl!

Hilary Clinton’s Big Moment: While of course most of the successful real-time marketing and social media posts were done by big brands, you have to give credit to the former Secretary of State who delivered a relevant and well-timed tweet. As Clinton’s tweet read, “It’s so much more fun to watch FOX when it’s someone else being blitzed & sacked! #SuperBowl” As the Broncos faced smothering defeat at the hands of the Seahawks, Clinton reached success with this classic joke on Fox’s coverage. Politics aside, Clinton’s tweet got her over 57,195 retweets and 42,150 favorites; overall over 100,000 accounts directly reacted to her tweet. That certainly seems like a win for Clinton.

JC Penney’s Odd Tweets: For the majority of the game it appeared as if JC Penney was experiencing a public relations disaster. Each tweet they released appeared to be all jumbled up and misspelt (Example A). To make matters worse for the company it appears that other marketing departments used this weakness as a chance to capture some great real-time engagement or themselves. As Coors Light tweeted, “.@JCPenney We know football goes great with Coors Light, but please tweet responsibly.” Funny? Absolutely, but at the end of the day JC Penney got the last laugh as they revealed the real reason for the funky tweets. The entire time the person who was handling their twitter account was wearing JC Penney’s new line of Go USA mittens, making for a great announcement of their latest product.

DiGiorno’s Big Diss: As the Seattle Seahawks continued to pour on the points against the tragic Denver Broncos, more companies took advantage of the bad situation. By far the best tweet poking fun at the lop sided game was by DiGiorno Pizza. The DiGiorno Pizza PR team took the opportunistic moment to tweet, “YO, THIS GAME IS LIKE A DIGIORNO PIZZA BECAUSE IT WAS DONE AFTER TWENTY MINUTES #SuperBowl #SuperSmack #DiGiorNOYOUDIDNT” Even though that was a great tweet for DiGiorno Pizza, the sympathy for the Broncos was never felt. It is doubtable that Peyton Manning cared much though. Manning supports Papa John’s all the way!