Cyber Frenzy

After everyone gives their thanks and enjoys a hearty meal with loved ones, comes the true feeding frenzy. Every penny pinchers true holiday, Black Friday.

Every year, there are the customers who start waiting on lines outside major retail stores right after Thanksgiving dinner to try to get the hot deal. Then there are the ones who go shopping ‘casually’ on Friday morning to knit pick at the remaining sales. After all the commotion and dust settles, comes the most popular day for these shoppers. Cyber Monday, the Monday after Thanksgiving weekend, where it is expected to see revenues upwards of $2.6 billion.

Even through the rapid growth of Cyber Monday since 2005, market experts expect this trend of heavy online shopping on Cyber Monday to slowly start to decline. These experts believe this is the trend based on the rapid growth of online shopping on mobile devices. Many of these major retailers are offering deals online on either Thanksgiving Day or Black Friday to keep online revenue high on these major shopping days.

It is rumored that retailers flood inboxes of the customer to shop these two days, and these emails are forwarded to the customers phones which has boosted the sales from mobile sales on Thanksgiving and Black Friday from 20% up to around 30% in the past year alone. Also these retailers are targeting these costumers earlier in the week leading up to Thanksgiving for the sole purpose of gathering data as they all prepare for the December holiday rush.

Even though Cyber Monday will lead, in terms of revenue this Thanksgiving weekend, people are starting to skew away from waiting until Monday since many of the retailers will sell out of all the ‘hot holiday items’. According to Forbes “There’s another big downside to waiting until Cyber Monday to shop: You may not be able to buy what you want at any price. Out-of-stock messages on retail websites are expected to jump fivefold by Cyber Monday as early-bird shoppers get their iPhone 6s, Playstation 4s, Rokus, Call of Duty games, and Frozendolls.” 

Also, according to marketing experts, the biggest deals online do not occur on Cyber Monday, which only yields on average 6% discounts, compared to the Monday prior which on average has 25% in discounts.


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