University Of Alabama Ranked #2 School In State

In a recent study done by the state of Alabama and the rest of the country, The University of Alabama have ranked as the #2 state school in the state, right behind their rival Auburn, who ranked #1. Although Auburn ranked about the University of Alabama, The Crimson Tide rolled over Auburn in several categories which landed the respective schools their ranking.

The ratings behind the rankings on admission process, graduation rates, prestigious reputation, affordable tuition, housing costs, diverse student population, diverse faculties, and economically robust communities. According to The University of Alabama ranked very well and “earned high scores in diversity, selectivity, prestige and advancement.”

The University of Alabama came in at number 58 in terms of national ranking, which is quite outstanding considering they are a state school. Many state schools lack the funding to provide an exceptional education, but due to the prestigious reputation the university has, they are able to receive funding from various alumni. The University also has a very popular and prestigious football program, The University Of Alabama Crimson Tide. Over the years, the program has brought in millions of dollars to help fund for better education programs at the university.

Alabama hopes to overtake Auburn in the upcoming years as the top school in the State by improving their off campus housing and costs. They scored fairly low in those categories, but the striving community of Tuscaloosa should help bring up the value and hopefully the schools rating boosting it to the number 1 state school in the nation.

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