5 Marketing Tips Companies Must Master

With 2015 here, companies are ramping up their marketing efforts to attract new customers. Companies who cannot learn to adapt to new marketing patterns and trends will be left in the dust. Some simple tips to keep up with marketing in 2015 are as follow:

1. Social Media Marketing

With almost everyone adapting to technology, you can find everyone on social media now a days. From your kids, all the way to your grandparents. Companies have taken notice of this and are taking advantage. To date, there are thousands of social media sites out, most of which offer advertisement space on their site. With more and more companies attempting to buy out this online retail space, it would be beneficial to any company with a heavy into e-commerce. The opportunities are there, waiting for companies to pounce.

2. SEO has changed, so should your business!

Over the past five years, Google has evolved and updated its algorithms to crack down on ‘black hat’ SEO. Google now favors content based websites and advertisements rather than link and word stuffing. Companies need to understand that SEO will always be important based on how important it is to be on Google.

3. E-Mail Marketing

Social media is obviously going to be a major pipeline for marketing for companies in 2015. E-mail marketing goes hand in hand with social media marketing due to the simple fact it requires for one to have an e-mail if they sign up for a social media site. According to Capterra, “When marketed through e-mails, consumers spend 138% more than people who do not receive e-mails.” ¬†These are just companies who send out mass e-mails, the opportunities are endless, you just have to take them!

4. Video Marketing

According to Business Insider, video marketing will be very important this upcoming year. Companies who post videos about products or services are recorded to have a 64% increase in consumers making purchases. Also, information in video is transferred to the brain almost 100,000 times faster than text. Essentially, people rather watch videos, not read the text that goes into them. In December, 2013 alone 52.4 billion videos had been viewed by Americans. The numbers speak for themselves, video marketing is a route all companies should be taking.

5. Go Above and Beyond

It is important to follow these steps since they will be helpful in your marketing strategy for 2015. Without stepping to the plate and keeping up with new trends, it will be tough to stay relevant in this competitive marketplace.


For more information, please read Business Insider‘s and http://gormanhouston.com